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EV Marketing Solutions is a full service advertising agency that delivers a wide variety of marketing plans, branding, digital marketing, campaign building, video productions, and graphic/ web design

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"Everything you do matters, and everything your company portrays matters even more. Your brand and vision need the right resources to convey to your customers. At EV Marketing, we not only enhance your business but also take your company and brand to a new level. You deserve the best, and at EV Marketing Solutions, we provide it." - Edward Venters, Owner

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Our Core Values as an Ad Agency.

Our Advertising Agency focuses on 4 main components. Website Development, Digital Marketing, Video Production, & Ad Placement

Website Design

We specialize in constructing appealing and highly operational websites, aimed at engaging and converting visitors into loyal patrons.

Video Production

We are an award winning video production company. We have relationships with numerous Cable and Network to make sure your work gets seen.

Digital Marketing

Our social media experts craft compelling content, engage with your audience, and manage your social presence.

Ad Placement, Analytics

Our Advertising Team employs comprehensive analytical tools to ensure that your adverts are not just generating random figures, but are also effectively reaching your intended audience, resulting in the highest possible Return on Investment.

Marketing Is All Around Us, How do you want to be Rembered

Notable Clients & Partners

Here are some of the amazing companies we've worked with, demonstrating our versatile capabilities. Highlighting the businesses we've collaborated with, creating mutually successful partnerships.

The pharmacy’s commercials are the most successful marketing tool. Through commercials, Ernie’s Pharmacy has reached a broader demographic and branded itself within the community. Local producer Edward Venters works with the pharmacy to help get its message across on television, and the staff members recently produced a fun commercial for the pharmacy’s 10th anniversary, where Ernie showed off his dance moves.,
"Pharmacy Times"